Lakin PRIDE committee members

Welcome to Lakin PRIDE!

Lakin PRIDE is a volunteer grassroots organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for its citizens and enhancing the beauty of the community.

Since 1992, the Lakin PRIDE committee, along with the help of hundreds of generous volunteers and donors, have organized annual events and have completed many projects to enhance our community and make Lakin a more beautiful place to live and visit.

Lakin PRIDE Vision Statement

To be a family-friendly community that takes pride in its clean and pleasant environment – that is a town where visitors feel welcomed and want to return.

Lakin Pride Mission

To promote and maintain an environmentally friendly and affordable community through volunteer support in partnership with other community entities; while providing opportunities for recreational activity for residents of all ages and stages of life.

New basketball court at City Park
Lakin PRIDE completed the construction of the new basketball courts at City Park in late 2015.

With your help and support, Lakin is one of only 11 towns in Kansas to be designated a “Community of Excellence” by the Kansas PRIDE program. We have many more projects in the works, and can do so much more with your continued support.

Your donations fuel our annual events and help us get our more ambitious projects done. This includes the new basketball courts at City Park. Thanks to all our donors and volunteers for your help getting these projects started and completed.

To get involved as a volunteer or donate please contact us.